Mortlake on the Tow Path

PRESS RELEASE: Residents back #Love Mortlake Campaign

Loss of sports fields and increased traffic top residents’ concerns

Mortlake is an area rich in history. The old brewery site has been sold and a picture of what the developers of the 21-acre site have in mind, is beginning to emerge.

The developers set out their initial plans at a public exhibition in March. The Mortlake Brewery Community Group (MBCG) have since held several public meetings in St Mary’s Parish Church. At the latest of these meetings on 14 June attended by around 80 people, 5 broad goals for the campaign were proposed by MBCG, and were agreed.

The goals are:
• A development that puts the heart back into Mortlake
• Protect and enhance Mortlake’s green spaces for all to enjoy
• Housing density we can all live with
• Safe and sustainable transport solutions
• Community, educational and NHS facilities for everyone

First and foremost, the development must put the heart back into Mortlake. The focal point of the community was lost following the road-widening of the High Street in the 1960s. The development of the brewery site is an opportunity for a mixed and inclusive scheme where an imaginative design can reinstate Mortlake’s village atmosphere, and open it up to the river.

However, one major anxiety is the potential loss of Mortlake’s green spaces. Not only is the historic playing field under threat but there are also potential losses of green space and trees around Chertsey Court and Mortlake Green.

Perhaps the greatest concern is the impact that almost 1000 new homes, additional commercial activity and a large secondary school will have on traffic congestion and the resulting pollution. Residents believe that the size of the development needs to take into account the unique geographic character of Mortlake, bounded by the railway and the river, which presents particular transport and access challenges that need to be considered.

On the positive side, the development offers an exciting opportunity to improve community facilities and to enhance the whole area for all Mortlake’s residents and visitors.

The developers have said that there will be a second public exhibition soon.