NO2 Monitoring

Air Quality in Mortlake

Many Mortlake residents are already concerned about the current air quality along main roads and the potential rise in pollution generated by increased traffic once the brewery site is redeveloped.

The main pollutants that are monitored are nitrogen dioxide (NO2) from vehicle exhaust and particulate matter (PM) from road dust.

The Council monitors NO2 levels at 64 sites across the borough including Sheen Lane level crossing, Lower Richmond Road near Kingsway, and Chalkers Corner.

Readings at the first two sites over the last seven years show pollution levels higher than European target levels during the winter, but these are lower in the summer due to the presence of foliage, which can absorb pollutants.  Readings at Chalkers Corner are way above European target levels all the year round.

Particulate Matter (PM) is monitored in only four locations within the borough.  Three of these are fixed including one outside the library on Castlenau, while the fourth is in the Council’s mobile unit which, it is hoped, will be parked somewhere near Chalkers Corner in the near future.

MBCG and the Love Mortlake team will be keeping an eye on this issue.

By Tim Catchpole.

If you are concerned about pollution levels, and have suggestions on how to improve transport solutions for Mortlake, speak up.

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