CPRE concerns about Mortlake Brewery plans

By Alice Roberts, CPRE London, Head of Green Space Campaigns

A number of CPRE members and local Mortlake residents have raised with us their concerns about the proposed development at the old Mortlake Brewery site.

Traffic and parking are right at the top of the list.  My understanding is that the latest plans provide for parking on site for around 660 vehicles. However roads in the area already congested, air quality at intersections nearby already exceeds official targets at peak times, and road access around the site is restricted by the river and the railway line.

London has to reduce its reliance on cars if we are to achieve the “healthy streets and healthy people” envisaged in the Draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy 2017. The strategy also calls for planning around walking, cycling and public transport to “ensure that London grows in a way that benefits everyone.”

This development is an opportunity to integrate far-sighted traffic and transport solutions that will make our streets safer and air cleaner. We strongly object to car-dependent development and will be raising this with London Assembly members, the GLA and TfL separately.

The loss of the sports field on the brewery site is also a great cause for concern. There is no sense in which a case could be made that a patchwork of other green spaces in the developers’ plans makes up for the loss of this one. If lost, the field can never be replaced. The plan to build two apartment blocks and a school on the sports field is unacceptable and goes completely against the vision set out in the Draft Mayor’s Environment Strategy, which seeks to protect and retain green space given the increasing densification of the city. This space will become even more essential as the Mortlake population increases with the development. These are good quality sports pitches, which are clearly irreplaceable.

CPRE encourages local residents to use their voice to protect green space and engage the Council, GLA and other representatives to make sure that the Mortlake redevelopment sets a high quality, far sighted example that brings the community together and improves everyone’s quality of life.