Mortlake launches £10K JustGiving appeal for expert advice

Mortlake residents have contributed over £3,700 to a community crowdfunding campaign to independently assess the impact of the brewery redevelopment plans.

Local residents Katie Hyson and Jo Glynn who launched the JustGiving appeal before Christmas say the response has been fantastic, and they aim to raise a total of £10,000.

“The Mortlake community needs to be professionally advised on the impact of such a major development, which will also affect Barnes, East Sheen and Kew,” said Hyson. “We have already had generous contributions – and we hope many others will join in. Any donation, large or small, will make a difference and is very welcome.

The purpose of the fund is to make sure residents have their own experts looking at all aspects of the development.

Jo Glynn said: “Getting independent advice means that local residents will be fully informed of the environmental and community impact of the development, and can respond accordingly. Our aim is to make sure that this is the best possible development for everyone who lives, works, shops and plays in this great neighbourhood.”

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Just before Christmas, local groups were advised that the formal planning application for the Stag Brewery development has been delayed until the New Year. The developers originally planned to submit the formal planning application last September.

Planning applications for a development of this size can run to thousands of pages and often take months between submission and council approval.

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