Mortlake Brewery Hustings

Mortlake Brewery Hustings report

On Monday evening the MBCG held a hustings at St Mary’s Mortlake where the local candidates for election to Richmond Council  on May 3rd were offered the opportunity to comment on the Stag Brewery Planning application and respond to questions from local residents.

Mortlake Brewery Hustings7 candidates attended:

Conservative – Tim Mack, Stephen Speake
Liberal Democrats – Tim Catchpole, Richard Pyne
Labour –  Tom Absolon, Deborah Genders
Green Party – Nicola Albon

There were about 100 residents in attendance, and a lively and engaged evening ensued around 4 themes: design, transport, environmental aspects and community/cultural provision.

Overall, there was agreement amongst the parties that the planning application has some significant flaws around transport planning – including both car parking, road capacity and public transport integration – and some major questions around the educational provision in the form of a 6-form entry secondary school. Residents posed challenging questions to all candidates on a number of aspects of the proposed development:

  • Chalkers Corner road widening
  • School – parking, access, transport, removal of playing field
  • Lack of integrated transport – 190 bus schedule not adjusted or included in any way
  • Air quality
  • Density of housing units
  • Questions about cinema – do we want or need?
  • River transport


Time did not allow for discussion on the community or health provisions, so we will seek to raise these issues specifically over the next few weeks leading up to the local elections on May 3rd.

In the meantime, if any of the parties come knocking on your door, ask them to commit to reducing the density on the site and oppose the widening of Chalker’s Corner.