Missing: Clean Air - discussion by Love Mortlake, MBCG and Mums for Lungs

Missing: Clean Air


A healthy debate for Mortlake’s future

Are you concerned about the current level of air pollution in Mortlake –  and how the proposed Brewery development could make things even worse?

Join us at 7.30pm on February 13th at St Mary’s Church, Mortlake High Street, for an informative evening about local air pollution issues.  Come along to hear what the experts have to say – and ask your own questions on this hot topic.

Roger Mason, Emeritus Professor of Medicine at Imperial College London and Chair of the Kew Society, will be presenting to us on local air quality issues – including pollution hotspots in Mortlake.  He will explain about the proposals for the introduction of the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) in 2021, which would border the South Circular Road.

Howard Potter, MBCG’s expert on Traffic and Transport, will update us on the progress of the planning applications submitted for the development of Mortlake Brewery.  He will be highlighting their impact on traffic and pollution locally, particularly at Chalkers Corner and the Mortlake Station crossing.

Carol Lee of LBRuT’s Air Pollution team will be with us to answer questions on local air quality.   This is also an opportunity to ask more about the Council’s current anti-idling campaign.

Plus, learn more about the campaign group Mums for Lungs, who will have leaflets available about their work for clean air and healthy kids in London.

MBCG’s Chair will also give an update on other current Brewery planning applications issues.

Do you have concerns or views? Then come along and use your lungs!


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