letter to richmond council

Why is it taking so long for Cllr Roberts to reply to our letter?

After the public meeting on the secondary school, Mortlake Brewery Community Group sent a letter to Cllr Gareth Roberts, Leader of Richmond Council.  We sent it on the 30th April. Sadly, we have had NO response – not even an acknowledgement.   Last month, we  asked education officers who work for the Council to  give him a nudge. Still no response.   Come on Gareth, talk to the people in your community.

You can read the letter  we sent to Cllr Roberts  here. You can also read our letter to the Greater London Authority (GLA)  which accompanied our letter which was sent on 23rd April.

Click to read the letter to Cllr Gareth Roberts about the secondary school

Click to read the letter to the GLA about the secondary school