Stag brewery, mortlake brewery plan April 2018

How to object to the brewery plan revisions

The Richmond Planning Department has sent out letters notifying us of revisions to the plans for the Brewery development. These revisions are minimal. The basic problems with the proposed development are the same.

If you would like to object, the Mortlake Brewery Community Group has drawn up a template, which you can send as is or amend as you see fit.

Click here for the MBCG draft objection letter in Word.
Click here fo rthe MBCG draft objection letter in a pdf.

The deadline for replies is Wednesday 24 July 2019.

As with the original plans, every reply counts, so the more the better!

You can find the proposed changes here for the main development, here for Chalker’s Corner and Chertsey Court and here for the school.