Bottleneck Bend by Mortlake Brewery Community Group


Richmond Council’s planning committee is likely to be meeting in the autumn to consider the proposals for the brewery site submitted by Reselton Properties. Thank You to everyone for sending in your objections both last year and more recently. Things have got worse with the closure of Hammersmith Bridge – yet nothing has changed.

The developer’s plans for the site are too dense and will create traffic gridlock and increased air pollution. This is why we continue to call on the Council to reject the planning applications to develop the site.

MBCG are not opposed to development on the site and have produced an alternative plan.  Our Community Plan will:

  • Reduce housing density
  • Create more affordable homes
  • Save the playing field
  • Scrap the Chalker’s corner road widening scheme
  • Replace the secondary school with relocated primary school


We will be handing out posters and leaflets about the plan in the next few weeks. We will also be sending a detailed briefing on the plan to all borough councillors and discussing it with the Leader of the Council, Gareth Roberts and the Greater London Authority. We will be holding a public meeting next month to explain the plan in more detail. Date to be announced shortly.

In the meantime, do contact us by email if you want to put up a poster in your window or find out more about the Community Plan. Click here to view our presentation.

Please help us to let local people know that there is an alternative to rampant over-development of the Mortlake Brewery site.