Our Purpose

#LoveMortlake is a campaign created by the Mortlake Brewery Community Group to respond to the planned redevelopment of the Mortlake Brewery site – a prime 21 acre site stretching along the River Thames which will include hundreds of new homes, retail, office and leisure facilities.

A public meeting convened by the MBCG and attended by around 80 people on 14 June 2017 agreed on the following broad goals for the Love Mortlake campaign:

• A development that puts the heart back into Mortlake,
• Protect and enhance Mortlake’s green spaces for all to enjoy,
• Housing density we can all live with,
• Safe and sustainable transport solutions,
• Community, educational and NHS facilities for everyone.

It is work in progress and if you want to get involved, we would love to hear from you.

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1A development that puts the heart back into Mortlake
  • A mixed use and inclusive development of residential, retail, commercial and community facilities
  • An imaginative design enhancing the area’s village feel and preserving Mortlake’s history and heritage
  • A streetscape that opens up Mortlake and the High Street to the river
  • Design that brings life back to Mortlake High Street
2Safe and sustainable solutions to reduce traffic and improve quality of life
  • Improvements to the capacity and reach of existing public transport services (buses and trains)
  • Make Mortlake station and Sheen Lane safe for pedestrians and road users including cyclists
  • Dedicated and integrated pedestrian and cycling plans and facilities
  • No increased traffic congestion and air pollution
  • Road improvements that ease congestion, not attract more traffic
3Protect and enhance Mortlake’s green spaces for all to enjoy
  • Save the entire historic playing field on the brewery site
  • Create a new green link from Mortlake station to the river
  • Protect the trees on the site and at Chertsey Court
  • Respect and enhance the towpath and Bull’s Alley
  • Safeguard Mortlake Green
4Housing density we can all live with
  • No more than 560 new homes on the site, of mixed size and tenure
  • 50 per cent affordable housing
  • Parking provision that minimises traffic generation and external parking pressure
  • Density and building height conforming to the Council’s 2011 Planning Brief, reflecting the character of the surrounding area
5 Community, educational and NHS facilities for everyone
  • A community centre with space for a variety of activities
  • A good quality school, proportionate to the needs of the area, with green space for children to play
  • NHS and community health facilities to serve residents and surrounding area