Take Action – Template Letter to Richmond Council

Please feel free to amend or write your own letter to the Leader of Richmond Council using the suggested text below.

By email: Cllr.PHodgins@richmond.gov.uk

By post:

Leader’s Office,
c/o Democratic Services
York House

Dear Councillor Paul Hodgins,

I am writing to you about the proposed redevelopment of the old Mortlake Brewery site. While the development has significant potential to regenerate the area, I am very concerned about the following aspects of the plans that were shown to the public in July.

Traffic and parking

The latest plans provide for parking on site for around 750 vehicles of which 550 are for residents. Roads in the area already come to a standstill at peak times. Air quality at Chalkers Corner and Sheen Lane level crossing is already very poor, especially in winter.

This development is an opportunity to integrate far-sighted traffic and transport solutions that will make our streets safer and healthier. Walking, cycling and public transport need to be comprehensively addressed. Widening the road at Chalkers Corner will only increase the amount of traffic through Mortlake, Barnes and East Sheen. Business as usual is not good enough in 2017!

Sheen Lane level crossing

The Sheen Lane level crossing is an accident waiting to happen. The addition of several thousand residents and school students risks making the situation worse. A safe solution must be found to this already congested and dangerous level crossing.

Density of the development

The number of homes will determine the number of people and cars on the site. No more than 550 new homes should be built, rather than the 850 currently proposed. At least half of these should be some form of clearly defined affordable housing to serve key workers and low-income residents of the borough.

New school

The positioning of a 1200-student secondary school as well as new homes in the current plan means the loss of hugely valuable green space (see below re loss of sports field). Any new school should be of an appropriate size and have access to the sports field which should also be open for community use. Alternative sites for the school have not been adequately addressed by the Council.

Loss of sports field

The sports field on the brewery site is the only place big enough for team sports in Mortlake. It provides significant health and aesthetic benefits to the community and if lost, can never be replaced. The construction of two apartment blocks and a school on the sports field is unacceptable.

Road widening at Chalkers Corner

It is unacceptable that plans to widen the road at Chalkers Corner means that residents of Chertsey Court will have dozens of mature trees removed and busy traffic lanes brought even closer to their homes. Residents have not been consulted and Richmond Housing Partnership has not informed them of the plans and their impact. Traffic problems created by the development must not be passed on to other residents in the area.

I hope you will take these concerns into account and insist that the developers and relevant public authorities take action to ensure that the development benefits the community for many years to come.

Yours sincerely,

(your name and address here)